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The list of all the invited admins are displayed here.

To go to the invited admin list, click ‘Invited Admins’ under ‘Admin’.

The invited admin list contains the following information about an admin:

  • Name: The name of the invited admin
  • Email: The email of the invited admin
  • Invited by: The name of the super admin
  • Invited/Joined On: The date and time
  • Status: The joining status of the invited admin
  • Admin Type: The type of the admin

Other functionalities include:

  • Invite Others to Join: To invite others to join as an admin, click ‘Invite Others to Join’
  • View Existing Admin List: To view the existing admin list, click ‘View Existing Admin List’
  • Delete: To delete, click ‘Delete this item’
  • Search: To search for an admin, type in the search box

The invited admin list shows ten entries per page. To go to the next page, click ‘Next’ and to go the previous page, click ‘Previous’.