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Demo Information

Disclaimer: Addresses and names used in this demo are fictional and has no relation with MiPropertyPortal. It has solely been used for demo purposes.

Acme Property Management Company Ltd, APMC, a fictional company, has decided to use MiPropertyPortal.com for their property management service. This is an established real estate brokerage company, which manages investment properties on behalf of their investors. To better serve their investors, they were searching for an online property management software for a while. After an extensive research and fact findings, they decided to go with MiPropertyPortal.com as their property management software.

Deciding Factor

MiPropertyPortal.com is a one stop property management solution that has all the necessary functionalities to run your properties efficiently and effectively with a very affordable price. It is a true online software available anytime from anywhere, and any device.

AMPC Property Information

APMC is an Ottawa-based company which has 6 properties throughout Canada. Among those, two are in Ontario, two are in Nova Scotia, one in Alberta and one in British Columbia. In total, these properties have 50 units available. The company has 5 employees who manage these properties. The properties belong to three investors.

Properties (Total properties=6)

User Roles For This Demo
NOTE: Password is same for all logins: mippdemo123!

Portal URL: demo.mipropertyportal.com

Management IDs: (first 5)


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