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In this section, the details of an income are described.

To get the details of an income, click ‘Incomes’ under ‘Finance’. Then click ‘View Details’.

The income details include the following:

  • Transaction Date: The date the income was earned.
  • Rental for Month: The month the rent was collected.
  • Transaction Name: The transaction name.
  • Category: The type of income.
  • Account: The account the income is related.
  • Related Property: The property the income is related.
  • Related Unit: The unit the income is related.
  • Related Tenant: The tenant the income is related.
  • Memo: Memo regarding the income.
  • Amount: The amount of income.
  • Verified: If the income is verified or not.

Other functionalities include:

  • Edit Income: To edit an income, click ‘Edit this Income’.
  • Cancel: To cancel, click ‘Cancel’.