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This page displays the list of incomes in a tabular form. The list includes the following:

  • Transaction Date: The date the income generated
  • Property: The property related to the income
  • Category: The type of income
  • Income Account: The account corresponding to the income
  • Total Income: The total amount of income
  • Verified: If the income is verified or not

Other functionalities include:

  • Add Rental Income: Click ‘+Add Rental Income’ to add a rental income
  • Add Other Income: Click ‘+Add Other Income’ to add other income
  • View Details: Click ‘View Details’ to view details of the income
  • Edit Income: Click ‘Edit this Income’ to edit the income
  • Delete Income: Click ‘Delete’ to delete the income
  • Search for an income: Type in the search box
  • Click ‘Previous’ to go to the previous list of income
  • Click ‘Next’ to go to the next list income