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This page allows the user to upload units of a property.

To bulk upload units, you do the following:

  1. Click ‘Manage Properties’ under ‘Property’
  2. Click ‘Bulk Upload Units’ under ‘Manage Property’
  3. Upload from a CSV file

To do a bulk upload from a csv file, following fields can be provided in sequence (comma separated). Header is also required.

  • UnitNumber (Required) – [String]
  • RentAmount (Required) – [Decimal]
  • SizeInSqFt (Optional) – [Decimal]
  • NumberOfBedrooms (Required) – [Number]
  • TotalNumberOfRooms (Optional) – [Number]
  • TotalNumberOfWashRooms (Optional) – [Number]

Other functionalities include:

  • Download a template file
  • Download a sample file
  • Drag & drop a CSV file or upload a CSV file

To cancel, click ‘Cancel’.