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In this page, you will find the details of a property unit type.

To get the details of a property unit type:

  1. Click ‘Manage Unit Types’ under ‘Property’
  2. Click ‘Manage Unit Types’ of a selected property
  3. Click ‘View Details’ of a unit type

The following information is displayed for this unit type:

  1. Unit Type- Details:
  • Name: The name of the unit type
  • Bedroom Type: The bedroom type
  • Total Number of Rooms: The total number of rooms
  • Number of Washrooms: The number of washrooms
  • Unit Size: The unit size in square ft.
  • Rent Amount: The rent amount for the unit type
  • Available for rent: This unit type is available for rent
  • Notes: Relevant notes
  • Features: Checked/unchecked features applicable to the unit type
  1. Advertise Rental Listing: A rental listing link is given for advertisement. You can copy link to clipboard.
  2. List of Units: The unit number using this unit type

Other functionalities:

  • Edit Unit Type: To edit Unit Type, click ‘Edit Unit Type’
  • To cancel, click ‘Cancel’.