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The Rent Roll report presents leases and their financial summary information for a property. The report includes unit info, tenant info, lease info, rent summary etc.

The steps to generate Rent Roll report:

  1. Click ‘Reporting’ under ‘FINANCE & REPORTS’
  2. Click ‘Rental’ tab
  3. Select a property
  4. Click ‘Run Report’ to the corresponding property

You can do the following:

  • Get the ‘Rent Roll report’ on monthly basis
  • Change Date: Click ‘Change Date’, select ‘Report for Month’ and click ‘Update’.
  • Change Property: Click ‘Change Property’ to get the rent roll report for a different property
  • Back: Click ‘Back’ to go back to the previous webpage
  • Download the ‘Rent Roll Report’: Click ‘Download’ to download the report.

Note: The currency in the Rent Roll report is determined from the country of business.