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In this section, a tenant’s detail information is recorded in an organized way.

To get a tenant’s detail data, you do the following:

  1. click ‘Manage Tenants’ under ‘Tenant’
  2. Choose a property, click ‘Manage Tenants’ corresponding to the chosen property
  3. Choose an unit number, click ‘Manage Tenant’ corresponding to the chosen unit

There are four sections under ‘Tenant’. Each section has different data fields. The four sections with data fields are as follows:

  • Profile:
    • Basic information: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Gender, Date of Birth.
    • Lease Summary: Move in Date, Lease Start date, Lease End Date, Lease Length.
    • Rent Summary: Rent due on, Initial Rent, Current Rent, Security Deposit
    • Other info: Parking numbers, Mailbox and Notes.
  • Documents:
    • Private Documents: Only admin can see these documents.
    • Read Only Documents: Tenant can not view and download these documents
    • Tenant Uploaded Documents: Documents uploaded by tenant.
  • Finance: List of transaction date, rent amount, rent for (month/year). Rent payment can be added.
  • Service Request: Date created, Category, status, summary.

Other functionalities include:

  1. Add another tenant: To add another tenant, click ‘+Add another tenant for this unit’.
  2. Delete: To delete the record, click ‘Delete’.
  3. Go Back: To go back, click ‘Go Back’.
  4. Edit this Tenant: To edit, click ‘Edit this Tenant’.