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Manage vendors displays the list of vendors for the company.

The list has the following items:

  • Business Name: The business name of the vendor
  • Primary Contact Name: The primary contact name of the vendor
  • Specialties: The specialty of the vendor
  • Email: The email address of the vendor
  • Phone: The phone number of the vendor
  • Is Approved: If the vendor is approved (yes/no)

Other functionalities include:

  • Add a Vendor: To add a vendor, click ‘+Add a Vendor’
  • View Details: To view details, click ‘View Details’
  • Edit: To edit a vendor, click ‘Edit’
  • Delete: To delete a vendor, click ‘Delete’
  • Search: To search for a vendor, type in the search box
  • Previous: To go the previous page, click ‘Previous’
  • Next: To go the next page, click ‘Next’