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Naborly Acceptable Identity Documents

Naborly tenant screening is one of the robust tenant screening tools. To get a bare minimum report, you must provide a valid government-issued ID.


There are two types of ID documents that naborly accept to verify a prospective tenant’s identity on their residential rental application. Based on the type of tenant screening request, one or both types of IDs need to be provided:

Primary ID: A primary id is a government-issued identity document that must have followings:

  • Clear photo
  • Legal full name
  • Birthdate
  • The expiry date (expired id is not acceptable)

Note: Please specify in the comment if legal full name is different than the birth name.

Followings are the example of valid government-issued photo ID:

  • Passport (International)
  • Driver’s license
  • Provincial or State ID Card
  • Health Card (with photo only)
  • Citizenship Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Native Status Card
  • Military Employment Card
  • Refugee Status Permit
  • Nexus Card
  • Firearms License

Note: For international (Non-Canada or non-US) rental applicant Naborly can only accept Passports.

Secondary ID:

The secondary id is required when you are performing a Pro or Pro+ application. It must be different than the primary ID and does not need to have a photo on it. Here are some of the acceptable secondary IDs:

  • Debit or credit card with the legal name on it
  • Birth Certificate
  • Student Card
  • SIN Card
  • Hunting License
  • Blood Donor Card
  • Fishing License
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