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Top 5 Challenges that Property Managers Face

Based on our observation, the competition and the market itself are some of the main challenges that property managers face.​

Being a property manager is tough and being successful in this field is quite challenging. Based on our observation, the competition and the market itself are some of the main reasons why most property managers get discouraged in their property management ventures.

But what are the real challenges that our property managers face at this time? Based on the Unicom survey here are the top 5 challenges that property managers face in their property management business:

 1. Hiring and maintaining quality staff

Hiring and maintaining quality staff in your team is crucial and can make or break your business. This type of business requires collaboration and continuous interaction with tenants.  Also, having the right and quality staff on your side provides you with a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

Take time to screen your possible team members and continue upskilling your current staff.

 2. Growing Revenue

When starting a business your main goal is to gain or continuously increase your business value and revenue. Having said that, you can also use that to increase more visibility and hold to the market that can help the property management business scale up.

3. Property Damage and Unexpected Maintenance

Unexpected maintenance and unforeseen issues are not new to property management professionals. But just like other issues in business it can get too much and takes a toll. Success requires a lot of effort, learning along the way and being ready for this kind of issue is one of them. PM professionals need to make sure that even though they accept that things can get tough

 4. Time Management

Time and effort are one of the main challenges that PM encounter in their career. How true is that for you? Successful property managers or property management business knows how to manage their time wisely because they want to focus on what matters. If you want to know how to maximize your time every day to focus on what matters, you can consider outsourcing repetitive works that you have or using a system or technology to automate the process.

5. Lowering Operating Cost

If you want to increase your revenue then you should consider lowering your cost. In Unicom’s survey, 45 percent of respondents said or felt that lowering their costs was one of the biggest challenges they face when running their business. This is true in many businesses. We suggest getting a mentor and attending seminars about it.

Even though there are many challenges that hinder you from doing what you want, you just have to remember that you only need to keep going and continue believing in yourself.

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