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Which province is the Rental “Eviction Capital of Canada”?

New research shows that British Columbia is in the first place spot when it comes to rental evictions in Canada.

According to a report from UBC, the West Coast city beats out other big cities, with Vancouver in British Columbia’s five-year eviction rate at 10.5% compared to 5.8% in Toronto, Ontario and 4.2% in Montreal Québec. In this matter, that is the reason why BC is held the “Eviction Capital of Canada”.

Furthermore, it is not only Vancouver in BC’s area that is feeling the rental eviction, it is the whole province. “10.6% of tenants in British Columbia revealed being removed in somewhere around 5 years, more than some other province or territory whereas under 4% of renters were evicted in the span of 5 years in Manitoba, Québec, and Nunavut,” reads the review.

Men are at a higher risk of eviction than other demographics, with single parents being especially in danger, as per the study. Families with children and tenants or renters between the ages of 45-54 are additionally at higher risk of eviction in the rental homes.

Being evicted can likewise influence an individual’s well-being and that’s what the report said: “renters whose latest move was an eviction have lower self-reported physical and emotional wellness than other tenants or renters.”

Moreover, in today’s time, we need to also remember to understand other people’s situations, talk with them and tell them the reason why you are evicting them although they possible know why you come up with that decision.

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