Automated Provincial Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) Forms

Fast an easy way to send notices to tenants


Be automated, Be on track!

Get the most out of our automated feature of forms and it's multi-functional benefits. Check them out

Pre-filled Forms
Electronic Signature
Track Provincial Rent Increase
History of Notices Sent
Notification Prior to Lease Expiry
E-mail Download in PDF Format

Simple and Efficient

Sending legal notices to tenants is a crucial and inevitable part of the property rental business. These forms must be filled out properly based on the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA), signed and dated before being delivered to the tenant. MiPropertyPortal makes it simpler for you, so all it can be done with a few clicks

Tenant denied about receiving notces?

MiPropertyPortal keeps track of all the notices sent to your tenants. Having the history of notices sent can solve situations where tenants deny ever receiving anything. History tracking lets you have all notices sent in one place, making it easier for you to always go back and refer to them


Track provincial rent increase guidelines

We keep track of the provincial rent increase guidelines and automatically update the LTB Forms for rent increase based on it, making you have one less calculation to do

Pre-filled form with E-Signature

Wh have pre-filled most of the data in the forms, abd all that is left to do is e-sign and send the PDF file via email through our property property management software. Save your precious time and money- Be Efficient with MiPropertyPortal


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