Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure which plan is right for you? Reach out to us. We will help you choose the perfect plan to suit your needs

When you sign up you instantly get full access to our system. We will email you when the trial is expired. You can then select a plan and pay by credit card to continue using the product. If you choose not to continue your account will be suspended

Yeah definitely. We never believe in forced selling or conning our customers. Go to our demo page and get the links to install in your smart devices or ask for a 'Free Demo" for the web-based version

We charge a daily basis. For example if you signup for the Platinum package on the 15th day of a month for 100 units your bill would be ( $69 monthly fee + (100 unit x $1.39 x 15 day)/30 days) = $129

Each successful tenant screening report is $22.99. Either tenant or landlord can pay for the screening application. We are collaborating with SingleKey to provide you with the fastest tenant credit and background check report in Canada

No you do not require a credit card for the 7-day trial. After the trial period you will be prompted to sign up. Your access will be limited if you choose not to sign up

Yes For Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) we charge $0.50 per transaction. Credit card processing at 2.75% + $0.20 transaction fee. $49 one-time setup applies for each payment type. All charges are in Canadian Dollars

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