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MiPP Comes to you with a handful of Property Management features and you will love it!

Core Features That Matters

Experience the most convenient and up-to-date features of MiPP, making our property management software unparalleled.

Tenant Screening

Monitor all the records of your tenants and do a quick background check

Online Rent Collection

Stop knocking at your tenant's doors to collect the rent. Sit and relax while it automatically comes to you.

Accounting & Reporting

Our well-coded software technology will give you the best reports

Lead Management

The embedded technology of MiPP will provide you a smart and efficient way to manage your leads with its powerful lead management capabilities.

Automated Lease Creation

Our automated lease system ensures better functionality, making the leasing process seamless and stress-free

Automated Forms

Our cutting-edge technology will provide superior built-in computer-generated forms tailored to meet your form requirements.

Maintenance Tracking

Never miss out an update and keep record of your property maintenance

Property Inspection

Never miss out a tiny change with the property inspection checklist

Cross-platform design for better aesthetics

Our cutting-edge technology will provide superior built-in computer-generated forms tailored to meet your form requirements.


Paperless Document Management System

Keeping track of documents can be challenging, especially when papers are scattered throughout your home. MiPP offers a solution to go paperless, allowing you to centrally manage your important documents in one place. Easily locate your documents whenever you need them, empowering your work environment.

With MiPP property management software, you can gather all your property management documents in one organized platform. Stay neat, bold, and organized with MiPP.

Track Maintenance Requests

Have you heard about managing maintenance service requests online? MiPP is here to handle all the hard work for you, and help you to manage multiple service requests at once. Trust MiPP to streamline your processes and be the best at what you do.

Automatically route tickets to your preferred vendor. Recieve status update notifications and create service categories—all conveniently in one place with MiPP.


Lead Management

Collect all rental inquiries and applications in one centralized hub. Use the portal to obtain additional information from prospective tenants. Easily schedule rental listing showings with the built-in calendar. Automatically send showing reminders to prospects.

Capture leads online automatically or create them manually. Link multiple leads to a lease for efficient management.

Online Rent Application

Prospective tenants can provide accurate information by filling out an online rental request form. This minimizes the risk of incorrect information and saves time. All rental application requests are stored centrally. You also immediate notifications when an application is submitted.

Save tons of time with our automated rental invoice creation and due rent notifications. Get instant updates on every rental application through our system.


Landlord & Tenant Board Form

Store all provincial, federal, and internal documents securely in one central location. Organize documents, set expiration dates, and share them with tenants easily.

Make the most out of automated provincial Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) forms to quickly and conveniently send notices to tenants.

Fully Automated Lease Management

Our step-by-step guided lease creation process will make your rental leasing experience a breeze. You will save a lot of time, minimize human errors, and increase productivity by at least 70%. The built-in e-signature and workflow process virtually eliminate the need for manual intervention.

Create e-signatures using our automated lease creation feature, saving time and boosting efficiency by 70% with our advanced online lease agreement capabilities.


Free Online Vacancy Listing

Advertise and manage your rental listings for free, with unlimited pictures, floor plans, and video URLs. Share on social media easily and collect rental application requests online.

Collect prospective tenants’ rental applications online securely using our free form and stay organized with anytime access.

Property Inspection with E-Signature

Performing a move-in inspection before a tenant occupies the rental unit. Some tenants may cause significant damage to your property. Conducting a move-in inspection and obtaining the tenant's signature provides solid evidence in case of legal disputes.

Additionally, save time and increase efficiency by using automated lease creation with e-signature capabilities. This enables online completion of lease agreements, eliminating the need for physical signatures.


Tenant Management

Manage tenant profiles; organize tenant leases, identification documents, rent receipts, invoices and expense documents directly on the tenant profile to get a clear picture of the tenant’s activities.

Tenants are the heart of your property rental business and property management business. Keeping track of all your tenant’s information, deposits, lease-related information, documents, and service requests is a big responsibility that you cannot take lightly.

Vendor Management

As a property manager and landlord, you typically manage a lot of vendors to maintain the quality of your properties to help you with your property management business. MiPropertyPortal allows you to control how you manage and work with vendors. Upload all Vendors in bulk, facilitate requests, seamlessly assign tasks, and send payment to vendors inside the portal


Tenant Portal

The tenant portal is a useful tool for property managers and landlords to improve their communication with tenants. It promotes transparency, reduces communication gaps, and boosts efficiency. With the portal, tenants can report incidents online, while online rent payment makes things easier for both parties.

As a property manager or landlord, ensure that your tenants have access to all the necessary information. Mi Property Portal provides flexibility and transparency, giving you and your tenants a better experience.

Asset Management

Having the right system to track all your property assets is a must! With MiPropertyPortal, you can easily monitor and manage all your property assets in one place. The Property Rental Asset Management feature helps you stay on top of assets that require repair, those that are newly added to the property, assets that are in use and those that are not, and much more.

In MiPropertyPortal, you can monitor all assets for a property from anywhere, at any time. Also, you can add service, warranty, inspection, and purchase information to streamline your asset management process.


Guaranteed privacy and strong encryption

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Carry your business along with you

No matter where you are in the world, you can manage your business on the go. All you need is internet access to control all your properties in one place, right in the palm of your hand. Be the best property manager and assist all your tenants' requests from anywhere.


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