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Free tenant background check and credit report

There is a saying, ‘No tenant is better than having a bad tenant’. In the residential property management business, a proper tenant background check is crucial to find a good tenant. Traditionally, landlords and property managers rely on the credit report, such as; Equifax credit report. However, does credit score a good indication of a good tenant? How could you tell if the potential tenant will pay rent on time or will not do any property damages?


Nowadays, people migrate from one place to another a lot. When these people look for rental property, it becomes harder for landlords and property managers to judge whether potential tenants are a good fit. How would the property owner know if they have not been evicted from the previous rental? How would he or she know if the prospective renter is not part of a criminal database?


Honestly, just doing an Equifax credit report is not going to give the answers to the above concerns. Property managers need a tenant screening report that will give more than the credit history; such as; eviction history, late rent payment history, pet liability analysis, criminal record check and so on.


We have partnered with Naborly Inc. to provide the best tenant background check service in the industry. There Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tenant screening report gives you a very powerful and consolidated report about the potential tenant.

What is in the Tenant Screening Report?

Naborly report is a very powerful analysis of a prospective tenant’s credit, rental, and financial history. The report gives a visual indication and explanation of each of the analyses. In collaboration with Naborly, we are providing this service for FREE as part of our free rental listing suite.


Credit Report & Score


Identity Verification


Employment & Income Verification


Social Media & External Media Check


Bankruptcy & Lien Search


Eviction Check & Analysis


Bad Tenant Database Search (Global)


Pet Liability Analysis


Previous Address Verification


Legal & Court Record Search


Employment Stability Analysis


Property Suitability Analysis

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