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Automated landlord and tenant board forms

Sending legal notices to tenants is a very important part of the property rental business. The property landlord gave notice to tenants a variety of reasons, for example; to evict a tenant in their rental units they will serve the end of tenancy notice.  The different province has different terminologies to refer this ”Notice of termination”. In Ontario, it is called the N4 form.

Based on the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) of provinces these notices have to be fill-out properly, sign & date and deliver to the tenant. If you break down these jobs, truly it takes a good amount of time and money to deliver it to the tenant. But, wouldn’t it be nice to do it all online and save all the time & cost with few clicks!

Mi Property Portal is all about saving your precious time & money. We have automated most of the important legal LTB forms based on provincial residential tenancies act. O yes, you can e-sign and send the notice as PDF via email.

What are the main benefits?

These feature is available in all of our subscribed packages and there is no additional cost.

- Get notified 3 months prior to lease expiry
- Dowload or send via email as PDF
- Form us pre-filled with most data
- Tracks notice send history
- Electronic signature

Want To Know More?

Have questions? Possibilities of saving is enormous. You do not know unless you try it out. Take advantage of our free trial or talk to us if you need more time to evaluate.