Rental Lead management

How are you managing your prospective renters? Lead can come from various sources, such as walk-ins, by phone, email, social media, or online searching. Capturing names and email addresses is the primary task of online lead management. However, you need a central location to track leads, be able to access them anytime, and update information as you collect


FREE Online Vacancy Listing Service

MiPropertyPortal seamlessly integrates these processes into a pleasant working flow that increases efficiency, boosts productivity, and reduces cost using our Rental Lead Management or CRM lead management. Our FREE online vacancy listing service allows you to collect online leads from the website and social media. You can quickly start tenant screening or lease process for prospects from here

Lead Management Features

Automatic online lead capture

Online Vacancy Listing Service make it easy for tenants to find you

Manual lead creation

Manage your leads more easily and flexibly with MiPropertyPortal

Rate a project feature

You can also rate a project feature in order to increase the views on your listing

Export leads to CSV or EXCEL

Download the leads that you get in CSV or Excel sheet for offline usage purposes

Link multiple leads on the lease

Search for available units, view photos, and create a list of potential matches

Capture lead referral details

All the lead referrals can be captured for you to use for any purpose you want

Start lease creation process

A tool that enables you to create, manage and track your leasing opportunities

Start background check process

The best way to save time when managing your rental property

Automatic status updating

Our system will automatically update your listings with new leads and booking

Schedule property showings to leads

Simply schedule property showings to leads and manage them with ease

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