N11 Form – An Agreement To End The Tenancy

N11 Form – An Agreement To End The Tenancy

The N11 Form is a legal agreement to end the tenancy for Ontario’s tenants and landlords. The N11 Form can be considered as a mutually agreed Eviction Notice. This article informs about N11 Form for Landlords in Ontario, Canada, who want to evict Tenants and those who wish to move out of the Rental Unit.

When is the N11 Form – An Agreement to End the Tenancy Used?


The N11 Form is mainly used to terminate a lease and end the tenancy when there is an unresolvable dispute between the Tenant and the Landlord and in circumstances where it’s in everyone’s best interest. As it is a mutual agreement, the termination rules do not require a specific time or a reason.


Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, Ontario


The Residential Tenancies Act 2006, Ontario, is the provincial law that outlines the rights and responsibilities of landlords, tenants, and subtenants in Ontario. It also sets out appropriate procedures and reasons for giving notice of termination.

The Act offers the security of tenancy to tenants, allowing them to remain in their rental property until:

  • The Landlord terminates the tenancy by giving a notification with a reason permitted by the Act;
  • The Tenant provides the notice to terminate the tenancy; or
  • There is a mutual agreement between the Tenant and the Landlord to end the tenancy.


What Informations are Required for the Tenant and the Landlord to fill out the N11 Form?


The following pieces of information are needed to fill out the Form and to be a valid agreement:


The Name of the Landlords and Tenants


The Legal Name and the Nickname (if the Tenant has one) must be included in the N11 Form. For Verbal Tenancies, include only the names who pay the Rent.


Address of the Rental Unit


It is vital to include the Full Address with specifics such as the Unit Number, Basement, and Main Floor as the address of the Rental Unit.


The Date the Tenancy Will End


The Tenant and the Landlord can agree on a convenient date; no particular time period is required.


Signature of the Parties Involved


All parties involved must sign to express consent. The date the document is signed must be given next to the signature.

This legal document should be read thoroughly, understood, and reviewed before signing.

Be sure only to fill out the form fields that are required. It is essential not to write anything in the blank space on page 2, or you risk having your application questioned or rejected, or your case dismissed on the Landlord and Tenant Board hearing.

After filling up the N11 Form, the Applicant must submit it to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) of Ontario, Canada.


What to do in the Case of Joint Tenancy?


All tenants must ultimately sign the agreement to end the tenancy if this is the case.

A tenancy agreement can only be terminated if all joint tenants agree to sign and leave. Or else the tenancy continues with the remaining tenants.


Legal Information to Consider


If the Tenant (s) evict on the agreed date, the Tenant (s) does not owe any rent after that date.

This Form 11 Cannot be filed by a landlord before renting a unit or cannot be a prerequisite to the rental agreement. The agreement is invalid if that is the case.


The exceptions to this point:

  • If a post-secondary institution provides a student with the accommodation as a tenant to that Landlord (Or)

If the Landlord has an agreement with a post-secondary institution to provide a student with the accommodation as a tenant.

  • The Tenant is to receive rehabilitative or therapeutic services by renting a unit in a care home and
    • Agrees to stay as a tenant for a maximum of 4 years, (and)
    • The tenancy agreement specified that the Tenant could be evicted if the purposes of providing care were met or would not be met (and)
    • The rental Unit is provided by an agreement between a service manager and the Landlord under the Housing Services Act, of 2011.

Technical Notes

  • The same form is to be used by both the Tenants and the Landlords.
  • Click here to view Form 11 online or download the PDF of the N11 Form to fill it out yourself. You cannot edit the form online.
  • You will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to edit the form. You can download the software free from Adobe’s Website.
  • If you are using the website of Landlord and Tenant Board, Ontario, to download Form 11, clean your Browser’s cache to access the updated version of the Form. You can do this by simultaneously clicking Ctrl+Shift+Delete or clicking the “Ctrl” and “F5” keys.

Most browsers cache (or store) documents on your computer to access them faster later on; thus, clearing the cache is a best practice.



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What to do if the Tenant Does Not Move Out On the Agreed Date?


If the Landlord doubts the Tenant’s intentions, they may wait to see if the Tenant vacates by the scheduled date. If the Tenant refuses to move out, submit an L3 application to the LTB to get an eviction order and evict the Tenant effectively. The N3 should be submitted to the LTB within 30 days of the termination date specified in the N11 agreement.

The Board generally doesn’t hold a hearing before issuing an order. They may arrange a hearing to seek clarification if the agreement has been improperly filled out or something has been added. This is why Written Agreements are necessary, as well as reviewing them. Try out MI Property Portal to quickly fill out the L3 Form.


What to Do If You Have Any Questions?


If you need more information about this notice or your rights, contact the Landlord and Tenant Board by:

Visiting their website with the following link: tribunalsontario.ca/ltb

Calling the LTB to speak to one of the Customer Service Officers:

Within the Toronto calling area: 416-645-8080

From outside Toronto: 1-888-332-3234

Note: Customer Service Officers are available Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You can also access their automated information menu at the above numbers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is the central entity to resolve disputes and provides advice about legalities. You may visit the website of  The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) of Tribunals Ontario to learn more and the Residential Tenancies Act.

Content is taken from Agreement to End the Tenancy; here, Ontario N11 Form is available. You may learn more about L2 FormN5 FormN8 FormN13 FormN2 FormN9 Form, and N12 Form


  • Toni henriques
    7 months ago - Reply

    I signed an N11 form under the pretence that he was either knocking down the house or his son was going to move in . Now I find out that he is renovating the home and planning to rent it. Do I have any recourse ?

    • Mi Property Portal
      7 months ago - Reply

      In this case, please consult landlord and tenant board or you can consult a paralegal.

      • Mi Property Portal
        7 months ago - Reply

        Only our clients can do the credit screening from our software. You can find independent tenant services online.

  • sk
    5 months ago - Reply

    If I’ve agreed to sign an N11 and my landlord has agreed to provide me with 2 months’ rent as compensation, where is this information re: compensation included? How do I protect myself and ensure in writing that he will provide said compensation once I do move out and hand over the keys?

  • London
    4 months ago - Reply

    My lease ends on the last day of November and my landlords were notified of this with an N9 at the end of September. They have now sent me a N11. 1. Do I need to sign if they have already been told we are leaving?; And 2. If I sign the N11, does that prevent me from being able to report them to the LTB for not maintaining the property while we were in it? (Ie: broken stove and step haven’t been fixed, it’s been months since they were notified)

  • Ariana
    2 months ago - Reply

    If there is a extra name in the field for tenants that should not be there is the n11 considered invalid

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