N2 Form Notice of Rent Increase Unit Partially Exempt Ontario Canada 2023

What is the N2 Form?

The N2 Form is a Notice served by the Landlord to the Tenant to Increase the rent of those Rental Units exempt from the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) of 2006’s restrictions on rent increases. Social Housing units like care homes and Non – Profit rental units are exempt from the limitations to increase rent and qualify as a partially exempt rental property.



This article will thoroughly discuss how and when to use this notice and whether a different one should be used.


When to Give the N2 Form?

The N2 Form should be given 90 days before the rent increase date. It can be given only after 12 months have passed since a new tenancy agreement was signed or the last date of the rent increase.

The rent increase must comply with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs guidelines. So, the landlords can raise the rent by any amount they desire.


How to Fill out the N2 Form Notice of Rent Increase Unit Partially Exempt Ontario Canada 2023?

Some boxes on the first page must be crossed out before filling out the details. This is to guarantee that you follow the LTB’s rules before serving this notice to the renter. The N2 Form Notice of Rent Increase Unit Partially Exempt Ontario is a legal document that should be read thoroughly, understood, and reviewed before signing. Follow the instructions properly.


What Informations are Required for the Landlord to fill out the N2 Form Ontario Canada?

The following information is required to complete the Form and create a legally binding agreement:

The Name of the Landlords and Tenants

Under “To”

The Legal Name and the Nickname (if the tenant has one) must be included. This should consist of the names of all the tenants if it is a joint tenancy.

Under “From”

The Legal Name of the Landlord

Address of the Rental Unit

The Full Address should be detailed. Details such as the Unit Number, Main Floor, Basement, and Postal Code must be stated.

New Rent

In Form N2, put in the day on which the rent will rise.

Then, fill in the entire sum of the increased rent amount in cents too.  Mention how often the tenant has to pay rent in the lease period, e.g.: Yearly, monthly, etc.


Signature of the Landlord/Representative

Shade the circle if you are the landlord. If you represent the owner, fill in the “Representative” circle. Fill out your name and phone number. The note should then be signed and dated.

Further details, such as the company name (if available) and mailing address, must be provided in the instance of the Representative. Include your phone number as well as your fax number, if available.

The slightest error could make an N4 Form invalid. You should retain a copy of the notice as proof. The Applicant must send the N2 Form to the Landlord after completing it.


Technical Notes for N2 Form

  • You cannot edit the form online.
  • You must use Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to edit the form. You can download the software free from Adobe’s Website.
  • If you are using the website of Landlord and Tenant Board, Ontario, to download Form N2.


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