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Easy Online Rent Collection

Tenant rent collection is the most important task in the property management business. It is also a time-consuming process that involves many resources; such as, property manager, accountant or so on. Think about how much time do you lose for each tenant rent collection, whether tenant hands over or you pick the cheque. But you can save at least 90% of the time and be more efficient by automating this process.

Mi Property Portal rent collection process is fully automated and it allows property managers to collect rent using Bank Account (EFT), Visa, Master or Debit card. The tenant can pay rent from the tenant portal or property managers can process rent collection from the admin portal. In addition to processing rents, our system performs many additional tasks related to the rent collection process to make things easy for both property managers or tenants.

Online Rent Collection Benefits?

Saving time from repetitive and time-consuming tasks is the main goal of any business. Collecting rent, depositing in the bank and creating transactions are the most tedious job in rental property management business. Follow are some of the key benefits of automating rent collection process:


Save lot of time


Can collect any kind of income


Financial reports are updated automatically


Rent due notification to tenants


Income transaction is created automatically


Pay using Bank Account or Credit Card


Online Receipts with PDF download option


Reduce missed payment

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