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Owner Portal

Be transparent and give peace of mind to your property investors. Give them access to real-time visual representation of financial, lease expiration and vacancy report.


Visual Dashboard

A central location to that will give a visual representation of their property portfolio in real-time. Being transparent will help you build a stronger tie with your investors.

Vacancy & Lease Expiration:

Investors can get these two crucial reports in chart form. More elaborate reports can be generated for one or more properties. The report can be exported to PDF or EXCEL.


Shared File Location

Securely share files with your investors. Send the bill for management expenses and also accept payment from owners via credit card within the portal. Send automatic alert.

Financial Reports

Keep all financial reports on investors’ fingertip. Generate balance sheet, General ledger, Income Statements, and other reports in real-time. Reduce back and forth email.

Free rental listings

Free Rental Listing

ATTENTION!!! Property owners, landlords and managers.  Make your life simpler, easier and be more effective with our FREE rental listing tools (value of $100 per month):

- Unlimited listings

- Free online rent request form

- Free rental prospect management

- Fastest tenant screening in Canada just for $22.99 per report

- Easy social sharing


Absolutely NO hidden fees, NO credit card required.

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