Online Property Manitenance Tracking

It is vital to keep track of every property maintenance service request when managing properties. Capturing service requests and taking appropriate and prompt action can be time-consuming and difficult. MiPropertyPortal (MIPP) can help: our property management maintenance tracking software provides an automated system so that each maintenance request is handled quickly and professionally.


Property Maintenance Tracking Features

Automated Ticket Routing
Status Update Notifications
Service Request Reports
Create Work/Purchase orders
Maintenance Watchlists
Create Service Categories

Automatic Ticket Routing to Vendors

Every maintenance request differs. Some tenants request maintenance that can be solved in-house, while others require external help or purchase of new equipment. MiPropertyPortal’s property maintenance tracking software allows you to set up automatic routing to vendors, quickly receive invoices and pay them. All property maintenance can be easily tracked and recorded in one place with our property maintenance software, simplifying your business operations.

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