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Property Management Software Benefits

Solution Within Any Budget

Increase Productivity

Empower your team by collaborating with real-time information. Visualize consolidated information in a single place, and make informed decisions faster.

Secured Infrastructure

Built on the Microsoft cloud, one of the most secure hosting infrastructure on earth. Our granular data security ensures ‘see what you are allowed to see’ concept.

Boost Efficiency

Access your business portfolio from any time and anywhere. Get updates and reminders right from your phone, laptop or tablet. 

Increased ROI

Save thousands of dollars on infrastructure and software licensing costs. Eliminate expensive software and hardware upgrade.

Stay on top your financials

Make your year-end a breeze

Staying on top of financial statements is a business priority. Our enhanced visualized dashboard lets you visualize faster. In our software, your financial information is just a few clicks away, at any time and from anywhere. Our utmost goal is to make you more efficient and save you valuable time.

Superior reporting capabilities

Choose from more than 100 predefined and most anticipated reports related to property management. Generate your reports using easy to use interface. Easily export the report to most popular file formats like Excel or CSV. If you still need help, our data visualization experts will be delighted to assist.

All-In-One Property
Management Software

Cloud Gives Us Scalability,
Confident and Security

Scale As You Grow

With cloud hosting, you can grow your capacity within seconds. The sky is the limit.

Always On Latest & Greatest

Stay on cutting edge technologies at all times. Say goodbye to costly & time-consuming upgrade or migration project.

Be Mobile

Access your property management portfolio at any-time, from anywhere and any device.

100% Web-Based

MiPP is truly a web-based application. No matter where you are in the world, your data is at your fingertips. Log in to the portal from any device at any time.

No Term

We have confidence in our product. We believe that, once you start using it, our relationship will be for a long time. No need to bind that relation in term contract.


Our portal is backed by Microsoft Azure’s 99.9% service commitment.

Customize it as you need

Every business has its uniqueness. Contact us for a tailored solution to satisfy your requirements.