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Rental Application Form Management

Are you having trouble managing all your rental application forms? A rental application can come from various sources. Gathering all of these applications and storing those in one accessible location for future references, tenant background checks, and lease creation are what Mi Property Portal offers.

All-in-One software to manage your property management business

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What Do We Offer?

Mi Property Portal seamlessly integrates all of these processes into a nice working flow that increases efficiency, boosts productivity, and reduces cost. You can easily start Tenant Background checks or lease creation process for leads from here.

Automatic Online Lead Capture

Our FREE online rental listing service allows online lead collection from the website.

Lead Ratings

Rate your prospects, which will be helpful during collaboration with your team.

Schedule A Home Showing

With our system, you have the ability to schedule a showing for any prospective lead.

Export Leads

Our features include the ability to export your list of prospects/leads as CSV or Excel.


Manual Lead Creation

As well as automatically capturing leads, we offer the ability to create prospects manually.

Multiple Leads on Same Lease

You can link multiple leads to be on the same lease, thus speeding up the lease process.

Run Background Checks and Tenant Screening

The fastest tenant credit and background report in Canada. Get a detailed Equifax credit report along with other tenant background report within 5 minutes. Simple, easy and secure.


  • Verify your tenant’s credit score
  • Start background check process with just two clicks
  • Status is automatically updated during the record check process

Start Lease Creation Process

With the automatic lead application collections from the system, the lease creation process can be started directly from the system which allows for rental lead management.

  • Less typing
  • Multiple leads can be added to the same lease
  • Leads are all e-mailed for signatures 

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