Tenant background check | What People Ask on the Internet

Tenant background check | What People Ask on the Internet

As a landlord, it is important to screen potential tenants carefully to avoid potential problems down the line. One of the critical components of the screening process is conducting a tenant background check. This can include running a criminal background check, checking their credit history, and verifying their employment. In this blog, we will explore the most common questions people ask about tenant background checks in Canada, specifically in Ontario.

In Canada, what does a tenant background check include?

A tenant background check in Canada typically includes a criminal background check, a credit check, and an employment verification. The criminal background check will reveal any criminal history, while the credit check will give you an idea of the tenant’s financial responsibility. The employment verification will confirm the tenant’s income and employment status.

Is it legal to run a tenant background check in Canada?

Yes, running a tenant background check in Canada is legal as long as you obtain the tenant’s consent and follow the proper procedures. Before you check someone’s background, you must give the tenant a copy of the Privacy Policy for Consumer Reporting Agencies. The tenant must sign a consent form before conducting the background check.

How long does it take to check a tenant’s background in Canada?

The time it takes to complete a tenant background check in Ontario will vary depending on the company or software you use. Some companies can provide results in as little as 10 minutes, while others may take a few days. Mi Property provides the fastest tenant background check in Canada

What happens if the tenant fails the background check in Canada?

If the tenant fails the background check, you have the right to deny the application. However, you must provide the tenant with a copy of the report and allow them to dispute the results.

Can a tenant dispute the results of a background check?

Yes, a tenant can dispute the results of a background check in Canada. If the tenant believes the information is inaccurate, they have the right to discuss the results with the credit reporting agency. The agency will investigate the dispute and provide the tenant with an updated report.

What is the difference between a Tenant background check and a Tenant credit check?

Tenant credit check usually provides a credit score from Equifax or Transunion based on their financial loans, mortgages, and payment history. On the other hand, tenant background check includes tenant credit check plus information regarding their background from many sources. Click here to learn details about the tenant background report. 

By understanding the answers to these common questions, landlords in Ontario can have peace of mind when conducting tenant background checks and make informed decisions about to whom they should rent their properties.

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