Fastest Tenant Screening in Canada with SingleKey

Landlords and property managers, we understand your concerns about finding the right tenant and managing your risks, especially the fear of tenants not paying rent or damaging the property. Evicting such delinquent tenants can be a lengthy and expensive process, costing landlords over $10,000 in lost rent (4 months), property damage, and legal fees. That's why we've partnered with SingleKey, a powerful company that can help you rent your properties without any stress, providing you with the security you deserve.


Importance of Tenant Screening

‘No tenant is better than having a bad tenant’. In the residential property management business, it’s highly recommended to run a tenant credit screening and tenant background check. A proper tenant background check is crucial to find a good tenant and avoid the troublesome tenants out there. Traditionally, landlords and property managers in Canada rely on the tenant credit check report or credit screening services, such as Equifax credit report. However, is a credit score or Equifax credit score a good indication of a good tenant? How could you tell if the potential tenant will pay rent on time or will not do any property damages that will result to tenant eviction?

What is in the Tenant Screening Report?

The SingleKey tenant background screening report is an extremely useful analysis tool that helps evaluate a potential tenant's credit, rental, and financial history. The SingleKey tenant screening report provides a clear and detailed explanation of each analysis with visual representations. We have partnered with SingleKey to make this report easily accessible through our portal, eliminating the need to log in to different systems. Our tenant screening background check services include the following:

Fastest Tenant Screening

Get your tenant screening report with few taps and that too within just 5 minutes

Social Media Scan

Analysis of the applicant’s social and other media checks provides validation

Criminal Record Check

Analysis of over 200,000 databases from 240+ countries. 100% reliable credit screening

Invite Tenants to Apply

Do it yourself or invite the tenant to apply so that they can easily access you without hassles

Secure & Easy

It is secure, simple and easy to apply. the whole process is end-to-end encrypted and application is easy

Pay Less with Us

Our service is really affordable and the clients needs to pay at least $2 per report. Affordable at its best

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