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Mi Property portal has born out of real-life frustration to solve real problem in the industry

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The Inception

MiPropertyPortal was born out of real-life frustration. It was in the year 2009 when Jahangir was residing in one of the Burnhill
apartment units in the Toronto east end. He had a bad experience with his then-building superintendent concerning an issue in
his unit. While dealing with the superintendent, he saw the inefficiency, finger-pointing, and waste of time.

During that time, he worked for one of North America’s largest commercial property management companies. He was managing all the facility management applications
for them. So, on the way to his work, he was thinking, why can’t these apartment companies have an online service request system? After some research, he found a need
for more options in Canada. He approached his idea to Jashim to develop a request management software. He immediately agreed, and that’s how the journey of
building MiPropertyPortal started.

Both founders came to Canada simultaneously as undergrad students. They always had the mindset to do something revolutionary that would impact society on a larger
scale. More than 12 years of dedication, commitment, brainstorming, and sleepless nights gave this excellent software MiPropertyPortal, proving they are on the right
track to their mission, vision and goals. To this date, MiPropertyPortal has become the best software for Canadian property management companies and landlords.

MiPropertyPortal was launched in 2016 at the property management expo (PM EXPO).

The founders

Jahangir is the co-founder of Mi Property Portal, who has completed his computer science degree from Acadia University in Wolfville, NS. His career started in 2003 at IBM Software Lab in Markham, ON. Later, he worked for many commercial property management companies. He is also a real estate salesperson and an active real estate investor. He possesses a vast knowledge of IT and sales experience in the real estate industry. At Mi Property Portal, he looks after the business's marketing, sales and client management

Jashim, co-founder of Mi Property Portal is a Top-Notch software developer and Computer Science graduate from Windsor University, ON.
He possesses 18+ years of software development experience with many top corporations in North America. He is also an active real estate investor.


Proudly Canadian Software

MiPropertyPortal is developed and maintained solely by Canadians

The Software is designed and developed by Canadians and it understands all your needs as you are in Canada too. So why take services from overseas to manage your Canadian Property and flush out your hard earned money for some companies who resided outside Canada?


The Team

Our team is a collection of young and enthusiastic developers working day and night to come up with the best software solution for you. MiPropertyPortal alwasy welcomes the placement of young mind in their team as a fresh set of brains can take oaths more faster to bring the best out of a box to provide the best fitted solution to any problem that is in concurrence to the society


MiPP Values your Property like no other

The business developer had long been into this business and knows every angle of a property and how it should be managed. There are plenty of areas where other softwares fail to meet your demands but MiPP loves to bring those problems upfront and make the most out of it everyday

Professionals Develops functionalities for you

Developed on the latest Azure Technologies, MiPropertyPortal delivers services with excellence

We are buckled up with a team of professionals working day and night to study your problems and design infrastructures according to what you need only and what serves your needs the most


MiPropertyPortal is always open for your ingenious ideas

MI Property Portal team is a collection of young energetic dynamic team members with tremendous team spirit. They always brings innovative ideas to make the software more effective and efficient. They always reach to their clients and quickly implement changes accordingly. Have an idea or improvement request? Just reach out to us

Take a Look at what MiPP focuses on

Why MiPropertyPortal stands out to deliver you the best property management solutions in Canada?

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Whether you have a laptop or any smart device you can use MiPP directly through your Browser or download it from your desired device's store

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We’ve made MiPP to make your life easier. Feel free to send us questions, feedbacks, your own ideas for new features or improvements! Drop us a line at support@mipropertyportal.com