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This section allows you to add a new property.

To add a new property, you do the following:

  • Click ‘Manage Properties’ under ‘Property’
  • Click ‘Add New Property’ under ‘Property/List’.

There are two sections to fill out. The following information will help you understand and fill out required fields in the form.

  • General
    1. Location: Select a Google verified address. Once selected, verify and enter missing data.
    2. Basic Details:
      • Property Name: This is to easily identify the property.
      • Property type: Select the property type from the drop down list.
      • Ownership type: Select the ownership type from the drop down list.
      • Total Land Area: Enter the land area in square foot.
      • Total Property Area: Enter the property area in square foot.
      • Primary Phone: Enter a valid phone number.
      • Primary Email: Enter a valid email address.
    3. Financial: Select the deposit account from the drop down list.
    4. Property Supervisor: Select from the list or enter the supervisor’s information.
    5. Property Owner: Select from the list or enter owner’s information.
  • Listing Info
    1. Features: Check the features that applies to the property.
    2. Neighborhood: Enter a neighborhood name, if applicable. Add nearby facilities (TTC, School, Hospital etc.), if applicable.
    3. Listing Description: Enter a brief description of the property for listing purpose.
    4. Video Presentation: Enter a video presentation URL if available.
    5. Default Picture: Upload a default picture of the property.
    6. Floor Plans: Upload the floor plan of the property.
    7. Pictures: Upload other pictures for listing purpose.

Click ‘Submit’ to save information.

Click ‘Cancel’ to exit the form without saving.