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Service Request/Edit page gives the detail information about a service request and allows the user to change the status of the service request.

You can find the following for a service request:

  • Request Details
  • Pictures
  • History
  • Expenses

There are five types of status of a service request. They are:

  1. New
  2. Assign
  3. Resolve
  4. No Action Required
  5. Reject

To edit a service request, you do the following:

  • Click on the status type (i.e. Assign)
  • Fill up the Status Update page

The Status Update page contains the following:

  • Select a Vendor: Select a vendor from the drop down


  • First name: Enter the first name
  • Last Name: Enter the last name
  • Email: Enter the email address
  • Comment: Write a comment
  • Click ‘Submit’ or ‘Cancel’

Other functionalities include:

  • Submit a comment
  • Click ‘Back’ to go back to the previous page