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Tenant/Manage page displays tenant data in a table for a property.

To manage a tenant, you do the following:

  1. Click ‘Manage Tenants’ under ‘Tenant’
  2. Choose a property, click ‘Manage Tenants’ corresponding to the chosen property

The Tenant/Manage table has the following columns:

  • Unit Number: The unit number of the property
  • Unit Type: The unit type of the property
  • Number of Tenants: The number of tenants occupied in that unit of the property

Other functionalities include:

  • Manage Tenant: To manage tenant, click ‘Manage Tenant’ to view detail, edit or delete
  • Add Tenant: To add tenant, click ‘+Add Tenant’
  • Summary: Brief description of the property
  • Go Back: To go back to the previous page, click ‘Go Back’
  • To go to next entries, click ‘Next’ and to go to the previous entries, click ‘Previous’