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Free Online Rental Listing Suite

Our rapidly growing online rental listing site lets you list your property and advertise it for FREE. Yes, you heard it right. You absolutely DO NOT need to pay a dime to use our website. Property is available for public search as soon as property details are entered on the portal. Potential tenants can apply for the vacant properties using the online rental application form. All the prospective tenants application are stored in a single location. Automatically create rental agreement using collected data. Subscribe now and make your property rental business more efficient.

Free Online Rental Application

Let prospective tenants provide you with the right information. A single mistake in the name or address could end up with legal challenges. Use our free online rental application form to collect prospect tenant’s data and eliminate data entry errors, save time and be more organized. Keep all rental applications online, secured and organized. Access this information from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Easy Social Sharing

Easily share your vacancy listing on social media, like; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Email the listing URL to the potential tenants to apply online. Listing visitors can also share the listing to their social networks, which means a more FREE advertisement for your vacant property.

Free CRM to manage rental leads

Never let any of your rentals leads unattended.  Our software tracks prospective tenants’ information in the lead management module that comes through rental application form submission or a rental inquiry form. You can also create lead profiles manually for walk-in or phone inquiries.  Later on, the collected information will save you a lot of time to create a lease agreement using our fully automated tenant lease management module. The list of prospective tenants can be exported in the CSV file.

Free Tenant Credit Check

Finding a good tenant who pays the monthly rent on time is one of the most important jobs in the property rental business. Nowadays, just checking credit score is not good enough to put trust on the renters. Landlord and property managers spend a lot of their resources to find the right tenant who will keep the property in good condition or at least will not damage to property unit. Our tenant screening software is one of the best in the industry that provides Equifax credit report, rental history, eviction report and much more. You can run a credit report in few clicks from the CRM.

Be More Efficient With Property Rental Business

Our vision is to make property management business more efficient and effective for small to mid-sized property management companies, property managers, landlords or realtor managing properties for investors. We want you to save time and increase your revenue. We believe that if you succeed we succeed.

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Free Rental Listing

ATTENTION!!! Property owners, landlords and managers.  Make your life simpler, easier and be more effective with our FREE rental listing tools (value of $100 per month):

- Unlimited listings

- Free online rent application

- Free CRM to manage rental prospects

- Free tenant screening (includes Equifax credit report)

- Easy social sharing


Absolutely NO hidden fees, NO credit card required. Offer expires July 01, 2020

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