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Online Lease Agreement

Tenant lease agreements are in the heart of the property rental business. A properly defined lease sets out the rules and regulations for tenants. It defines the lawful rent and other payable by the tenant and vice versa. Landlord and property managers create leases after the tenant screening process. Leasing process needs time and care as a simple mistake could lead to a legal dispute. It also involves back and forth communication between tenants and property managers for signing purposes.

What values do I get?

Mi Property Portal provides an easy step-by-step lease creation process. It is fully automated with electronic signature and eliminates the lengthy process of printings, signing, scanning and emailing. You can save at least 70% of your time. It will allow you to be more organized, efficient and effective. Following are the key benefits of Mi Property Portal lease management:


Guided lease creation


Helpful hints as per residential tenantcy act


Standard provincial lease template


Built-in workflow


Validation process to avoid mistakes


Central lease document management


Notification at various steps


E-signature capability


100% paperless process


Lease amendment and renewal


Lease expiration report


Automatic 120 days lease expiry notification

Want to know more?

Mi Property Portal has a lot to offer and we would be glad to show you how you can save a lot of money and time using it. We are only a phone or message away.

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